King Vulture

King Vulture

King Vulture

The King Vulture is undoubtedly a beautiful but rare bird.

This one in particular is in captivity but looks very healthy and in good mood.

King Vulture Photo 1

(scientific name = Ask to Wikipedia !Hahaha¡).

I do not know the history of why he is in captivity, but at first glance it is seen that he is taken care of very well. It shows in its colors and bright plumage.  I met this friend on a visit to the Zoo of the city of Cali in my country Colombia…

Highly recommended by the way (my country and the zoo).


I know that the ideal is that these animals are free in their natural environment, but many times they arrive at these sites because they are confiscated from people who buy them from illegal stores and many times they are born here.

Every time I go to this site I stop before him to see if I can capture a new photo. There is something fascinating about this bird.

Sure is the way he looks at me when I take pictures of him, with his eyes wide open, without fear, almost without blinking and intimidating.

Almost saying “Hey you… What are you doing there? come, enter my cage and talk to me…

¿Don’t you know that I am the King Vulture?”

King Vulture Photo 2

This photo was selected as Photo of the day on July 20, 2012. on the National Geographic website.

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